A journal of my adventures upon the high seas. (it starts at the bottom)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Seven Adventures on a Dead Man's Quest..

Well we had the ship fixed up and Zakhi was awaitin' no more. We were told where to set sail to. Into the heart of a massive whirlpool, and sail her there we did. It twas Dark and stormy when we rode down into that gapping maw of water into hell and worse. The capt'n sent the non-coms below deck "for safety" I think so they wouldn't go mad seeing their death a'comin'.

But shortly after the ship sunk, it bobbed to the sunlite surface, like a barrel that lost its ballast, onto a b'calmed sea we figured twas the other side 'o the world. We figured right, as we were in the Chin lands once we landed upon a beach. We set to following the undead rogue we were being lead by. Till he got all confounded at some pillars we discovered he couldn't even see. Walked right through them he did. They was appearently undead-proof... magic, go figure.

Well we knew why Zakhi didn't send his own crew to find the do-hickey, they wouldn't have been able to see, let alone go through the damned gate, or un-damned gate as were. Well we strode right in meaning to get this nonsence over with. I wonder how many other errands we'll have to run before we gots to put ol' Zakhi down. Truckin' with dead things is bad for business, I mean cheaper in the short term, you don't have to pay them, but it can't be good for your soul.

We traveled about 15 minutes till we had the first dangerous encounter, some guy that talked too much. As he talked more and more undeadish guys kept popping up behind him. Stelgar figured we was gonna fight them eventually, why let more pop in, and started the battle. A fray was had. And we found how dangerous they were, every time they hit one of us the wound made you dramaticly weaker. Weak enough that Murgoisis was 'weakened' to death or discorperation. Captian Winston was on the verge of discorperating also a'fore it was over, as was Merick the cleric.

We did what little healin' we could, and after some small tactical talk decided to camp there for fear of resetting this trap by leaving and coming back. Two days we rested and recouped. Then we played 10 questions with Posedeion and found we had to finish the quest and give Zakhi his thingie, and that Murgosis was savable.

We went up the tallest hill to a Chin temple with a doorway, but no door. Twas was solid stone, with three large statues set to guard it. At first I thought we'd have to fight some stone golem or worse to get in, but we found we could talk to, and reason with, the statues and they eventually opened the doorway for us... magic puzzles.

And there ahead was a shiney glowey discus or plate, it must be the bauble we came for. I will say I was a might disapointed when we just had to pick it up and walk out without a fight or trap or something. Well the universe made up for that oversight by bringing back Murgosis's evil twin, ten fold. Although I always wanted to test my meddle agaist the bull headed bastard this was somehow just wrong. But we fought hard and long, and won out in the end.
Now if we can make it home.

more to follow....


librarianrandy said...

Hi Bruce
I like the way you set this up. You are very straight forward.

Have to know though, does Dagon write this when he is hungover or when he is plastered? he could never get all this down in the 10 minutes a week he is sober.

Tessa, Nora and I are in Tacoma and wouldn't you know it our hotel is right across the street from a huge gaming store. Who'd a thunk it?

Dagon said...

I'm not "drunk" all the time. There's a difference between drinking, Drinking, and Drinking Like a Demon.

Gaming store, sounds like new -dice-time, vacation dice, w00t!