Dagon's Logbook :

A journal of my adventures upon the high seas. (it starts at the bottom)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Damned Shield..

...We left the infernal zone without more incident. Reboarded the Maelstrom, and were promptly visited by the sneaky agent of Zahki, Peirre. Not wholly trusting the Frenchman, we asked to board the Sunrise to speak with big Z hisself. Wherefore we learned more of his story, and where to go to hear even more. I be thinking he's not so evil as I'd first thought. We gave him his wampeter, and headed out to find and speak with a Chin priest about Z's curse.

The priest had an assload of info about the cursed dread pirate. We pondered this as we set sail back to the Sunrise and parts west.

Afore we got too sidetracked, as is our wont, I was able to remind the officers/crew of my own little curse/quest. In this I was aided with a demonstration as a ghost ship loaded with demons and a familiar minotaur appeared and launched their toothy, pointy and evil crew at us. I was singled out by the biggest, baddest, and ugliest demon I had ever fixed gaze upon. First thing he did was lash me with his flaming cat-o-nine-tails and draw me close enough to smell his feted breath, sulfurous as it was. This was fine with me for the time, as I was free to pummel him without having to chase him down, I didn't even attempt escape. Damn! he was hard to hit. In the end he ported out.

As we were sailing towards the Redlands I was clandestinely approached by the mad pirate Jenna, with a very concerned look upon her face. She confided in me that she'd seen Capt'n Winston with his hand down the britches of one of his favored orphans. This did not surprise me, but since it vexed Jenna I thought I'd look into it, she's a dear if misguided lass. Finding WVW jr, and getting him out of earshot was no trouble. I asked him about the apparent buggerydo Jenna had espied, and after a slight chuckle the Capt'n told me about his and the lads jest at Jenna's expense, and that it had been a pick pocketing exercise. With a nod and a wink I bid him g'day and went about my business. Jenna came to me later to ask what I thought. I played her along as I thought might amuse Capt’n and crew alike. It came to a riotous head when I convinced Jenna to openly and publicly confront the Capt’n about his alleged dalliances with the young lads. Hilarity ensued.

We finally got to the Redlands port of the Kings grand city, and came up with a plan that not only worked, but worked quickly and amazingly well. I unloaded the Kings shield to him promptly. Not to say there weren't a snag or two in the plans fruition, just ask the Elf maiden about that. New rule: never lie to someone who knows more than you do. Lies can bite.

Now that my personal mission is semi-completed I wandered down to a tavern and allowed the locals to take turns buying me drinks in exchange for tales of the open seas.

Sure I played the "I can step in, I can step out" game a few times in the coming days, but I wasn't the one who'd lied to the King.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Seven Adventures on a Dead Man's Quest..

Well we had the ship fixed up and Zakhi was awaitin' no more. We were told where to set sail to. Into the heart of a massive whirlpool, and sail her there we did. It twas Dark and stormy when we rode down into that gapping maw of water into hell and worse. The capt'n sent the non-coms below deck "for safety" I think so they wouldn't go mad seeing their death a'comin'.

But shortly after the ship sunk, it bobbed to the sunlite surface, like a barrel that lost its ballast, onto a b'calmed sea we figured twas the other side 'o the world. We figured right, as we were in the Chin lands once we landed upon a beach. We set to following the undead rogue we were being lead by. Till he got all confounded at some pillars we discovered he couldn't even see. Walked right through them he did. They was appearently undead-proof... magic, go figure.

Well we knew why Zakhi didn't send his own crew to find the do-hickey, they wouldn't have been able to see, let alone go through the damned gate, or un-damned gate as were. Well we strode right in meaning to get this nonsence over with. I wonder how many other errands we'll have to run before we gots to put ol' Zakhi down. Truckin' with dead things is bad for business, I mean cheaper in the short term, you don't have to pay them, but it can't be good for your soul.

We traveled about 15 minutes till we had the first dangerous encounter, some guy that talked too much. As he talked more and more undeadish guys kept popping up behind him. Stelgar figured we was gonna fight them eventually, why let more pop in, and started the battle. A fray was had. And we found how dangerous they were, every time they hit one of us the wound made you dramaticly weaker. Weak enough that Murgoisis was 'weakened' to death or discorperation. Captian Winston was on the verge of discorperating also a'fore it was over, as was Merick the cleric.

We did what little healin' we could, and after some small tactical talk decided to camp there for fear of resetting this trap by leaving and coming back. Two days we rested and recouped. Then we played 10 questions with Posedeion and found we had to finish the quest and give Zakhi his thingie, and that Murgosis was savable.

We went up the tallest hill to a Chin temple with a doorway, but no door. Twas was solid stone, with three large statues set to guard it. At first I thought we'd have to fight some stone golem or worse to get in, but we found we could talk to, and reason with, the statues and they eventually opened the doorway for us... magic puzzles.

And there ahead was a shiney glowey discus or plate, it must be the bauble we came for. I will say I was a might disapointed when we just had to pick it up and walk out without a fight or trap or something. Well the universe made up for that oversight by bringing back Murgosis's evil twin, ten fold. Although I always wanted to test my meddle agaist the bull headed bastard this was somehow just wrong. But we fought hard and long, and won out in the end.
Now if we can make it home.

more to follow....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Frey.

We'd taken mighty damage from the last fight, and the ship was listing slightly. Fortunatly I have a remedy for slight listing, I keep it in a nearby bottle.

We were making way towards an island to reap some wood for repairs when suddenly two things happened. We spied Bloody Pawl's ship, and an unnatural fog quickly settled in.

A dingy came to us bearing a refugee and an emissary both from Capt'n Zakhe's ship. One seeking shelter, the other a deal. We agreed to help Zakhe fetch another wampeter, in exchange for help in taking down Bloody Pawl.

Too soon the fog lifted and battle was emminet. I had time to get my own fog going, it helps limber me timbers. And then there was battle, honorous battle. I was greiviously wounded and several of my mates fell to the scurvy dogs, but in the end Demmings was dead and his ship lie in the great deep.

We made for Glittergoldville for repairs. Where we hunkered down to a heated debate on booty division. Folks came out of the woodwork to listen in, and some didn't want to hear it, but had no choice. It took all of a day, and in the end I don't think we resolved it all, but the crew finally got some cash and the festivities began.

We got our dead brought back to life. I got meself shrunk again to go pay tribute to the Great Garl Glittergold. He imparted some more wisdom to me in the form of a vision. An ancient Gnomish secret if you will. One I'll live by and never to forget in all my daze.

Next up we'll set forth on Zakhe's baubble quest. I don't feel right working for such a creepy guy, but Capt'n Shanahan allowed it a'fore.

But I think if'n he's not evil, he will be, and eventually we'll 'ave to put 'im down.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Random flashback...

... I remember this one time a while after we liberated a Goblin chef (not chief, we killed the chief) named Freaky Moe. He became the new cook on Shanahans' ship, and he was good, very good.

We were a’ sea betwixt one point and another 'tween adventures when Freaky Moe awoke me from a bender enhanced nap. He said he had something for me to try. And seein' as Moe never steered us wrong 'afore, I decided to go along with him.

He explained to me on the walk from my cabin to the galley that he got first made this particular meal for a friend of his named Jack. Jack liked the opium too much and as such drifted off into la la land frequently, and required a good slapping to bring him back to sobriety.

The galley smelled good this morning, afternoon, whatever. Something different was is the air, kind of cakey, but not sweet. Moe bade me sit at the table and said it'd only be a couple minutes, he had the batter mixed, and only had to pour it in the pan, flip, and serve. I had a drink of HotD (hair of the dog) to settle my stomach.

Moe waddled out with a Jethro sized platter of these golden brownish, light, flat, round cakes stacked a couple inches high. Seein' as I was famished I dug in with gusto.

After I managed to swallow the first mouthful I said to Moe "kind of dry going down Moe."

He said "They must need some lubricant.", and slathered the stack with butter.

I took another mouthful, "Moe, they kind of bland."

Moe said "I got the thing, be right back Dag." He trotted off to the kitchen and was back in a thrice. He then poured some syrupy liquid on the remaining stack.

"What's that syrupy stuff Moe?".

"Its sweetened maple tree sap, from the Great White North forest."

I tried another bite, and that was it. I finished the whole stack and asked for more. I went in the kitchen to watch him cook another stack, and asked "how did your friend Jack give you the idea Moe?'

"I was mixing up some batter to bread-up some fish for Mrs. Pawls one morning and tripped over Jacks passed out body, and spilled the batter on the griddle. I flipped the cake over cause it was going to burn before cooking all the way through. And there it was. I picked it up and slapped Jack with it till it fell apart. He awoke, ate the cake and asked for more. I just don't know what to call them."

"Call them griddle cakes, or pan cakes, or even Slap-Jacks. I don't care just get to fixin' more, Moe"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back on course ?

the Maelstrom will be back on main course very soon. we've got to figure a way to catch up the elusive Dread Pirate Demmings, and put and end to his gnome harassing pirating ways.

Birthday bash and the SpiderWoman

Last night onboard the Maelstrom we had a bit of a celibration for one of the crews' birthday. Fun was had by all. Including one of the captians' new waifs, Kara, who assures us that she is not an orphan.

Everyone enjoyed ships' bard Bobs' jestful songs.

Laina Silverleaf was showing off her wonderful new spider tattoo. Which looks very life-like.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last known rendering of my mom, Hydra the Hunter.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dagon, a history

DAGON (Day'-gahn)
Dagon (named after some ancient sea beast) like many half-breeds, was born of a drunken liaison between an unlikely couple. He was begat by a comely (for an Orc... hey, they can't ALL be hideous) tribeswoman and a missionary man living near the Blue Mountain Temple.
Being a half-breed, Dagon was treated like an outsider most of his childhood, but like a boy named Sue, he grew tough. He also got in plenty of trouble. Trouble seems to have grown attached to him… remaining attached to this day.
After a while Dagon’s mother had had enough, and sent him to be with his father near the temple. His father, embarrassed by living proof of his dalliance with an orc, wanted nothing to do with him.Fortunately this problem solved itself. One night while breaking into a liquor cabinet, Dagon was caught by Master Ho, who? Ho that's who, the boss of Blue Mountain Temple(and owner of said liquor). A (one-sided) fight ensued.
Master Ho saw potential in young Dagon and took him as a student.
Dagon took to the martial arts training amazingly well... till he started showing up drunk. That’s when whispered rumors started spreading about Dagon being the legendary zuì quán. Master Ho, in an attempt to halt these rumors, initiated a new policy of choosing drunken students as his sparring partner for that day. It took several beatings for Dagon to figure this out, and he stopped showing up drunk (as often).
One day Master Ho had either had enough of Dagon's antics, or decided Dagon had learned enough (or both). He bade Dagon to "take the Tiger and the Dragon." With some fortified wine to "take the edge off," Dagon carried a black cauldron of burning coal down the Graduate Path, thus burning the graduate marque of Blue Mountain Temple on the inside of each of his forearms.
As is customary for Acolytes of Blue Mountain, Dagon went forth into the world to seek his fortune.
And he has since found the zui quán way, the rumors were in fact, prophecies...

Monday, August 20, 2007

We sailed in search of adventure

we sailed west on latitude 94, then south on longitude 69 for about five hours. we arrived at the small island of Marriott Courtyard, where we beached the ship and made camp. we foraged for food & drink. i think we were victims of a gang of cutpurses, for we were all a bit lighter in the wallet after our first foray into the town.

the following day we awoke with the dawn, to an already hot day. we set off to the gaming halls, of which this town is famous for. it didn't take long to while away half the day at the tables. then it was time to visit the bazaar. there were many wondrous items for sale. and there were many lovely ladies that were not, much to our chagrin. the evening was spent at the gaming tables also. much alcohol was consumed as well.

we arose with the sun the next day also, and it had cooled a bit, but was still warm. and again we hit the gaming tables. in the afternoon i ran into some old shipmates and broke bread and raised a few tankards with them. telling stories, jokes, and lies till they had to set sail.

the next day we slept in a bit and found the day to be clement, pleasant even. we had planned on a full day of gaming and were not disappointed. we played in the halls till witching hour, then retired to our campsite and playing till the wee hours. as the tapers guttered we fell into a deep restful sleep.

the fourth day was a tad warmer, but we paid no mind for this afternoon we were to set sail to return to our quest-line. but there was still time to enjoy a few more hours entertainment at the tables and the bazaar. as we pulled camp and made way to hoist anchor the weather turned, it grew dark and wet. the rain came and we sailed on through the storm. as storms go, it was light, but annoying for our pilot.

it was a grand diversion, and fun was had by the entire crew.

we shall return again next summer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

.. bored still..

i heard tell of an artisan that carved little wonderous 'cautious trolls' from wood. i'd try scrimshaw, but we ain't seen a whale on these seas yet.

the search for a hobby goes on...

Bored now..

being on the ship betwixt fights is a bit boring without my old drinkin' buddy Garumph. i think i need a new hobby, one that dont require a whole lot of hand-eye coordination, and ain't girly. i mean you can only spend so much time chanting to Garl Glittergold afore someone's pounding on the wall yelling shut up.

more later..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

mad wizard isle

the haze has cleared...

we killed that wizard, three times. plus the other times makes at least five. i think he's dead for good now. i hope. although killing the exploding monsters was fun. for me, not so much for jenna..

i remember we picked up new crew members. one is an elf, and one a dwarf. more details later...

we helped a guy out of a jam, and he helped us find one of d.p.demmings' ships. a fray followed. that's where i fought the rival monk. in the end the ship blowed up, yep, blowed up real good.

the search for demmings continues...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

drinking = fighting

hic ! i fell down....

...got up again.

we were on the mad wizard island. i drank. i got in a fight. i drank again. i got in another fight. i drank still another time, annnnnd got into yet another fight. i'm starting to see a pattern.

i remember getting attacked by a rival monk, and going-off on him, but he fell in the sea. chasing him to finish him off would 'ave meant a long swim home.

more later, i need a drink...

Monday, August 06, 2007

august the fifth

the fifth, hummm, think i'll drink a bit...