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Friday, August 24, 2007

Dagon, a history

DAGON (Day'-gahn)
Dagon (named after some ancient sea beast) like many half-breeds, was born of a drunken liaison between an unlikely couple. He was begat by a comely (for an Orc... hey, they can't ALL be hideous) tribeswoman and a missionary man living near the Blue Mountain Temple.
Being a half-breed, Dagon was treated like an outsider most of his childhood, but like a boy named Sue, he grew tough. He also got in plenty of trouble. Trouble seems to have grown attached to him… remaining attached to this day.
After a while Dagon’s mother had had enough, and sent him to be with his father near the temple. His father, embarrassed by living proof of his dalliance with an orc, wanted nothing to do with him.Fortunately this problem solved itself. One night while breaking into a liquor cabinet, Dagon was caught by Master Ho, who? Ho that's who, the boss of Blue Mountain Temple(and owner of said liquor). A (one-sided) fight ensued.
Master Ho saw potential in young Dagon and took him as a student.
Dagon took to the martial arts training amazingly well... till he started showing up drunk. That’s when whispered rumors started spreading about Dagon being the legendary zuì quán. Master Ho, in an attempt to halt these rumors, initiated a new policy of choosing drunken students as his sparring partner for that day. It took several beatings for Dagon to figure this out, and he stopped showing up drunk (as often).
One day Master Ho had either had enough of Dagon's antics, or decided Dagon had learned enough (or both). He bade Dagon to "take the Tiger and the Dragon." With some fortified wine to "take the edge off," Dagon carried a black cauldron of burning coal down the Graduate Path, thus burning the graduate marque of Blue Mountain Temple on the inside of each of his forearms.
As is customary for Acolytes of Blue Mountain, Dagon went forth into the world to seek his fortune.
And he has since found the zui quán way, the rumors were in fact, prophecies...

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