A journal of my adventures upon the high seas. (it starts at the bottom)

Monday, August 20, 2007

We sailed in search of adventure

we sailed west on latitude 94, then south on longitude 69 for about five hours. we arrived at the small island of Marriott Courtyard, where we beached the ship and made camp. we foraged for food & drink. i think we were victims of a gang of cutpurses, for we were all a bit lighter in the wallet after our first foray into the town.

the following day we awoke with the dawn, to an already hot day. we set off to the gaming halls, of which this town is famous for. it didn't take long to while away half the day at the tables. then it was time to visit the bazaar. there were many wondrous items for sale. and there were many lovely ladies that were not, much to our chagrin. the evening was spent at the gaming tables also. much alcohol was consumed as well.

we arose with the sun the next day also, and it had cooled a bit, but was still warm. and again we hit the gaming tables. in the afternoon i ran into some old shipmates and broke bread and raised a few tankards with them. telling stories, jokes, and lies till they had to set sail.

the next day we slept in a bit and found the day to be clement, pleasant even. we had planned on a full day of gaming and were not disappointed. we played in the halls till witching hour, then retired to our campsite and playing till the wee hours. as the tapers guttered we fell into a deep restful sleep.

the fourth day was a tad warmer, but we paid no mind for this afternoon we were to set sail to return to our quest-line. but there was still time to enjoy a few more hours entertainment at the tables and the bazaar. as we pulled camp and made way to hoist anchor the weather turned, it grew dark and wet. the rain came and we sailed on through the storm. as storms go, it was light, but annoying for our pilot.

it was a grand diversion, and fun was had by the entire crew.

we shall return again next summer.

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